Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting ready for the Halloween Party this Friday!

Since I am having a Costume Halloween Party this year, I decided to decorate the outside a little more this year than I usually do. I got this "Grim Ripper" the other day at Lowes. His eyes light up, his lantern glows red, his head moves and he talks. He looks great at night. I wanted to make more of a dramatic entrance for the guests when they arrive. I thought I would add some branches and drape them by the entry. This way I could add some spider webs and my spider sacks.

His bride I just got in the mail the other day. I love her. I added a gray wig and my old wedding dress. She is also holding a bouquet of flowers that I spray painted black.

This is what the front flower bed looks like. I still have to make my big huge spider web. I bought a big fussy spider to attach to it. This is going to be my Saturday project if it doesn't rain.


The Frog Queen said...

Looks great! Hope the party was a great success!!


The Pumpkin Queen said...

How fun! I wish I was at your party! hehe Your yard looked great! Someday, I hope to own a Victorian house, and I am going to throw the best Halloween parties!