Friday, September 23, 2016

Halloween Pillow

Ok You say another pillow! I know but I couldn't resist.  I went to Target the other day and walked by the towel section.  Well on an end cap they have Halloween towels and rugs.  All are very cute.  I certainly am not in the need of anything Halloween.  But I saw this rug and thought it would make the best pillow.  It is super thick so I wasn't sure how it would sew.  But not a problem.  I didn't even break a needle.  I added a lime green bath towel to the back side.  Oh and remember I used one of my everyday decorative pillows to put inside.
I have to say now my couch is complete.  I absolutely love it.  So make one for yourself.  You will love it as much and I do. I just know it!!!!

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