Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Graveyard Asylum

I have a new listing for Ebay this week. It is one of my signature papier mache Halloween Houses. I would like to present to you the

"Graveyard Asylum"

This is how the story goes:

This state asylum has been treating the mental ill for over 150 years and continues to do so to this day. This institution is mainly known for treating patients with candy addition. October is a busy month. There is such an over flow on Halloween night. Every year around this time the scary caretaker, Mr. Bone Ashford throws a Halloween Party at the Asylum. This is to distract the patients from the true meaning of Halloween night. CANDY!!! There are total of 6 patients that reside in the house at this time. Not very often do they get to have a party at the Nut House. The caretaker thought all the patients were looking a little down and thought they needed a little pick me up. A Halloween Party was just the thing that they needed. Mr. Ashford thought he would invite his two best friends over for some Halloween fun, Miss Wendy Wicked and Mr. Will B Haunting. Most of the residents in the Asylum are Wendy and Will's friends. So they are not afraid. People say you can hear the screams from far far away that night. The story goes that the locals are not sure if it is screams of joy or screams of belly aches from lack of candy.

This auction ends on Tuesday evening!

Link to Ebay

3 comments: said...

Wow, your houses are amazing! SO much Halloween inspiration on this site!

Laurie Hardin said...

Good luck on this Kim...hope it goes really high for you!!!!

MJ said...

I am quite intrigued by your wind-blown trees and am pondering how I could do this for my Zombie jar swap! Fun, fun, fun!