Sunday, October 19, 2008

3rd Annual "Wild Women to Wonder over for Wine" Party

3rd Annual Halloween Party
"Wild Women to Wonder over for Wine"
No Worlocks or Wee Ones!
Witches Hat Mandatory!
This year I almost didn't have my party. It was a last minute decision. But I am so glad that I did. I think all the ladies look forward to coming every year. We had a few that weren't able to attend and a couple of new witches. But my moto is the more the merrier.
I decided to have all the food in the dining room this time. It seems to work out better that way. But most of the time the ladies don't eat anyway. I made the usual pepperoni bread, little hotdogs wrap in crescents rolls and I stopped by and picked up a party bucket of popcorn chicken. The crab dip was a hit as always. Sarah brought an artichoke dip. I blinked and it was all gone. Lisa brought a veggie pizza. I felt bad that not very many people at that. I think with my experience at this party is that the easier to eat and the easier to grab is the way to go. They don't want to fuss with plates or forks as much. Just something you can dip and stuff in your mouth.

The food wasn't set up yet but I did want to show you my tree with my new orni's. I bought a few Scott Smith's and Johanna Parkers. I also got these little paper lanterns that you add a little battery operated light inside. They were really cute.
This spot is where most sit for some reason. No one really hangs out in the great room. Maybe because it is closer to the wine! He He!

Here is the empty great room! Just kidding no one arrived yet.

I did hang up these lanterns. I wanted so badly to painted stuff on them but I never got around to it. So they do look very plain. But with the "Happy Halloween" glittered banner it's not so bad. I won't be doing this next year.

These are the glasses that all the witches drink their wine out of. The only problem they aren't very heavy because they are plastic. I am on the search for some cool Halloween glasses for next year.

Here are my "JB" Pumpkinseed Originals Collection. My dear friend Lisa's kids get these for my birthday every year. Since my birthday is in September my friends and family always know what to buy me. Of course something for Halloween!

I got these tablecloths at the Party Station Store. As soon as I saw it I just had to have them. It reminds me so much of Johanna Parkers Design. Way cute!

Here are the first witches that arrived at the Party.

Next my neighbor across the street with her best friend.

These ladies are my neighbors and one of the girls mom(Mom in middle). Her mother was a hoot! She was visiting from Chicago. She said she was so glad she got to come. I sure hope she makes it next year. Check out those hats. I am eyeing mom's hat for sure!

I flipped when I saw Julie's hat. Her mom bought this for her and brought it from Chicago. It was so great.

I think I have the same pose from these 3 witches every year. I must change it up a bit next year.

Can you guess which one is me?! I tried to disguise myself as much as I could this year. I added some black hair and a cape. A little over the top with the feather boa. I am still picking up feathers today.

Last year I had a contest for the best decorated witches hat. This year I decided to do the best carved or best decorated pumpkin. We only had 3 witches that participated. But 3 is better than none.

Karen was the winner for her Spider pumpkin with glo sticks. Her prize was a "JB" pumpkin figure and a fall scented slatkin candle. I found the perfect pin too the other day at the store. It was a flashing pumpkin pin that said, "winner"! I am not sure if you can see it or not.

Here is another entry. Janet holding a little pumpkin frog!

And last we had Miss Julie with her carved pumpkin. Her little daughter carved it for her.

This is in the dirty garage. Of course you have a few ladies that like to have a cig. once in awhile when they are having a cocktail or too. It was funny even us none smokers seem to hang out there as well.

The last guest left around 3 a.m. Most of the ladies leave and the die harders hubbies come and we hang out with the guys. We have a great time.

Well that is it. It was a small crowd this year. If I would of planned better and got my invitations out I think I might of had more people. Instead I just called everyone that week and said. "Hey by the way I am having my party this weekend can you come"!? I guess I am lucky I had as many people as I did. Next year I plan to be more organized.
Thanks ladies for coming. You always make my Halloween season so much fun! Until nexted year.


elmaelsiena said...

a2179What a hoot!! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love your house.Were can you buy those JB Pumkinseed they are so cute!!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

We had a ball!I buy those at a local store. But if you google her you might be able to find a store in your area. I have her saved on my blog favorites. She does have a web site as well. She has a Etsy store and sells on Ebay as well.


vintagepaletteart said...

HI Kim!!! What a fun thing to do!!!! I remember when you posted pics of last years party too! I can tell that you are a fun person to be around! One day.......we have to meet!

Witchy Hugs,

Laume said...

I have to get my act together and manage a witch's tea next year. Your party looks like so much fun! As for sturdy holiday glasses or, at my house, EVERYDAY glassware, check out these:

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the pic. If you love 'em, I can probably dig through old paper stacks and find a phone number or email. The company does very well in regional craft shows and does not bother with a website.