Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gourdy the Pumpkin Jailer~Papier Mache Halloween Figure

It's time for another Challenge piece from my Ebay group, "EHAG". Eclectic Halloween Artist Group is a group of very talented artist's that sell their Halloween Art on Ebay. Every once in awhile our group will throw a challenge our way. This challenge is called, "Creepy Confections". This is what I came up with for my entry.

This is how the story goes:
Let me introduce Gourdy the Pumpkin Jailer. Gordy loves to make creepy Halloween candy. One day he heard a knock at his front door. He peeked out the side window and standing on the front step was two candy officers from Candy Land. He knew it was all over. Someone must of told on him that he was making creepy candy. The law takes this very serious. Creepy candy has been know to scare the children in the past. The community doesn't want any frightened children on Halloween night. So off he goes to jail. Notice the numbers on his shirt, "103108". That is to let everyone know what type of violation his is in for. "Misuse of candy making"! Gourdy wasn't sure how long he would be in the slammer. One thing for sure, he will not be around for Trick-or-Treat night. The law doesn't want to take any chances that Gourdy might go back to his old ways.

This item is listed on Ebay and will end on Saturday! If you would like to see the what the other artist's in the group came up with, just click on the EHAG link below.


Kristens Creations said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for visiting me. I love Gourdy the pumpkin jailer. The story is great, you should definitly win!! Kristen

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Kim- totally cute.... LOVE the little candy of course! -I especially like the ball and chain details.

You take really good photos girl!

- Sweet B

Victorian Lady said...

LOVE the numbers...your the tops! And you caught that creepy candy maker too! Great job! :)


P.S. Don't know what I'd do if I didn't get to see your regular doses of Halloween goodness!